About Us

Martinez & Walker Inc. is a professional organization dedicated to serving the needs of our local community. Our company mission is based on the believe that our client’s needs are extremely important and that meeting those needs is where the efforts of our entire team should be focused.

In short – We always keep your interests in mind.

Our team attends the IRS yearly seminar and California Franchise Tax Board Tax seminars in order to stay current on new tax laws, new credits and deductions available.

Our Philosophy

Our business philosophy is based on a few simple but powerful guiding principles:

  • Integrity – You can count on us, to be honest, and fair in our dealings and keep our commitments all the time
  • Quality – You can count on us to deliver accurate, complete and quality work all the time
  • Efficiency – You can count on us to always perform our work in the most efficient and cost-effective way

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